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Shelf integration solutions and secondary placement

Do you want to highlight certain products or merchandise in your retail space, for example as part of a sales promotion? Our displays for shelf integration and ground stands for secondary placement offer numerous possibilities for effective product presentation. See for yourself:

Shelf integration concepts

Deutenberg Displaytechnik offers marketing displays, promotional displays and many other display systems for integration into shelf systems. In this way, especially brand products can be presented attractively and very effectively. Our display systems and displays for shelf integration can be combined with all standard shelf systems. We can even provide custom-made products exactly in accordance with your individual specifications and design requirements.

Shelf integration concepts are often an excellent and space-saving alternative to secondary placements, which take up considerably more space. In addition, they can be easily combined with existing shelf and display systems. At the same time, the presentation systems and displays for shelf integration do not fail to have an impact, because with their conspicuous design they are particularly suitable for highlighting promotional items and new brand products.

Secondary placement

Separate ground displays and sales stands are very suitable for the secondary placement of promotional items. The concept of secondary placement is very popular in virtually all trade sectors. Mostly permanent displays are used for this purpose, which can be regularly stocked with new merchandise.

Placed at strategic locations in the retail space, this form of secondary placement can be particularly effective. Especially in close proximity to the check-out points, skilful secondary placement may often give rise to impulsive purchases. Alternatively, additional sales displays and ground displays can be positioned in a suitable product range environment.