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POS displays for every area of application

As an experienced producer of displays, we at Deutenberg Display Engineering develop and manufacture innovative and effective displays for the point of sale. For our customers from all trade and shopfitting sectors, we manufacture POS displays and display systems in numerous variants according to specification. Whether permanent displays or flexible systems for shelf integration, whether large-scale ground and pallet displays or small, space-saving counter displays, you will certainly find the ideal display for your POS in our product range.

Permanent displays for continous use

Our permanent displays mainly include ground displays or sales stands. Permanent displays are very popular in all sectors of the industry, since they offer numerous options to prominently display sales and promotional products. We manufacture our permanent displays, just like all other POS displays, for all our customers exactly according to specifications.

Counter displays: the space-saving option

Counter displays are mainly used on sales tables or sales counters - in other words, in places where there is limited space. There are no limits to your imagination, as far as the design and shape of this small display option is concerned. Allow your creativity to roam freely — we will gladly assist you in implementing your ideas and to the create the ideal counter display for your needs.

Due to their small size, counter displays are usually quite inexpensive compared to many other display options. Yet they do not fail to make an impact and are ideally suited to present merchandise in a very attractive manner.

Secondary placements and shelf integration systems

For the purpose of secondary placements, sales stands and ground displays are best placed in close proximity to the check-out point or in a busy section of the sales area.

Our displays and shelf integration systems are particularly versatile and suitable especially for introducing new brands as well as special promotions. Shelf integration systems are in any event a good solution for shop owners who, for space constraints, want to abstain from secondary placements. Due to their conspicuous design, they also highlight merchandise in regular shelves. Our displays for secondary placements are readily compatible with all major shelf systems.