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Displays for other industries

In addition to the main areas of application in DIY and household stores, food and beverages retailers, home design and textiles shops, as well as in shops catering for leisure and pets, we have already provided display and shopfitting systems for the following industries and services sectors:


Displays and information booths are an indispensable tool for effective sales support at car dealerships. Elegant display stand and POS displays made of glass, aluminium or high-quality plastics ensure a top-of-the-range look and seamless fit into the elegant environment.

Financial services

Information materials, brochures and other communication materials are best presented in appealing marketing and promotional displays. The space-saving and flexibly deployable displays can be placed at strategic points, for example at the entrance or waiting area and provide customers with up-to-date product information.

Book and magazine stores

Ground stands with or without casters, large-scale wall displays and column-shaped displays offer countless ways to present books, newspapers and magazines in an appealing fashion. The movable presentation stands can be flexibly positioned in the sales area and are suitable for secondary placements or for seasonal sales promotions. Sales tables and counter displays invite customers to browse in the current best-sellers.


Ranging from household electronics via computers, TV and hi-fi products, DVDs, Blue Rays and other entertainment media to photo and film cameras or electric and electronic items for office communications - the range of products is particularly high in the electric and electronic industry. Moreover, the market is dynamic and constantly launches innovative new products. That's why this industry needs particularly flexible shopfitting systems that can be quickly adapted to changing requirements.